Member of the European Relocation Association​

Member of the European Relocation Association​​

Departure program

Assistance upon departure from Denmark

  • Leasing contact - notice and legal procedure
  • Move-out inspection and report
  • Redecoration and repair estimates
  • Moving company quotes and estimates
  • Deposit settlement
  • Meter reading and account settlement for electricity/gas/water
  • Telephone, cable, and Internet account settlement
  • Residency and CPR card termination
  • ​Bank accounts closings
  • Insurance policy closing
  • ​Membership and subscription cancellations
  • Vehicle registration and tax account settlement
  • Mail-forwarding arrangements

​Company information

Gateway to Denmark

CVR: 20520604


Gl. Lundtoftevej 1

DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby


​Phone: +45 38 19 84 00