5 good reasons to use Gateway to Denmark

1. We’re the specialists

When it comes to international relocations, we´re the specialists. 

That means businesses can spend their time and resources doing what they do best: managing their business.

2. Attract the world’s best employees

In today’s interconnected world, competition to attract the world’s best employees is fierce. 

Human resource policies that include extensive relocation assistance can be a vital tool in attracting top employees.

3. Better relocations, better employees

When the relocation needs of the employee, the spouse, and the family are addressed quickly and efficiently, the employee can focus on the work he or she has come to Denmark to do.

4. Minimise mistakes

Risks of error are high in the relocation process, especially when companies have very few foreign employees. Mistakes cost time and money; two things companies cannot afford to waste.

​5. Privacy

By working with us, the client is guaranteed a neutral third party, assuring privacy during a vulnerable time.​


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