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We manage the entire process

From start to finish, Gateway to Denmark manages the entire relocation process for new employees and their families when they as EU or non-EU citizens are coming to work in Denmark.

For employers, that means being represented by a highly personalized and cost effective international relocation program. We take care of your new employee’s relocation process, allowing you to focus on what you do best: your business.

Working in Denmark made easy

When you hire foreigners to work for your company in Denmark there is often many practical things to consider. Moving to another country usually includes packing up all belongings, finding and transferring to a new home etc. In addition, many administrative or bureaucratic tasks need to be done, such as changing registration data, change of insurance, services etc.

Choosing to work in Denmark can be stressful for your new employees if they have to manage the relocation process alone. Gateway to Denmark manages the entire relocation process for your new employees and their families from beginning to end. We offer different packages, which can be customised to every client.

Why choose Gateway to Denmark

Gateway to Denmark has for more than twenty years specialised in international relocation services for foreigners moving to Denmark to work. We cover all aspects of the relocation process, such as permits and registrations, home search, advise on school systems (both international and Danish) etc.

Gateway to Denmark is the best option when you need somebody to help your foreign employees through all practical and bureaucratic challenges when they are moving to Denmark to work.

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