Spouse career program

​According to the 2014 Danish Expat Study, nearly two out of three international employees leaving Denmark would extend their stay if their spouses or partner had better job opportunities and social networks.

These spouses and partners often want either part or full-time jobs or volunteering opportunities. However, they lack the resources they need to learn about Danish culture and employment.

Through our spouse career program, we offer those insights, as well as help with CVs and applications. 

Module 1:

The purpose of this module is to give the job-seeking expats a basic introduction to the working culture in Danish companies and the rules on the Danish labor market

Module 2:

This module provides guidance and tools to create the perfect application targeted at Danish employers

HOMEWORK: Prepare a C.V. and application​

Module 3:

Providing feedback on the expat’s application and preparing him/her for the interview

​HOMEWORK: Prepare final C.V. and application

Module 4:

The purpose is to ensure that the expat is mentally equipped for the job-seeking process and not least the closing of the contract


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